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2018.04 Potato - NEWS Solo Series: Letters - Shige

To all the fans,

I’m truly thankful to you for supporting someone like me. There was a time soon after debut when I wondered why the fans supported me. At that time, I wasn’t very Johnny’s-like. I was an impertinent and troublesome kind of guy who said a lot of nasty and contrary things in magazine interviews and other places. Despite that, I think that the people who have supported me since then haven’t given up on me and really have continued to follow me.  Of course including those who have become fans more recently too, I’m glad and thankful that you all find me interesting. As a person, I’m very normal and don’t have many things about me that are noteworthy, but now I’ve come around to being able to say, “I’m interesting". I want to do my best so that you’re glad that you came to like me and don’t regret it. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I hope that you’ll keep supporting me.

To Koyama-san,

I’ve experienced a lot of things together with you, I think I’ve been together with you longer than anyone else. That’s why I understand what you're thinking, when you’re worried, when you're down, when you're tired, and I also know when you’re pushing yourself too hard. I can’t really lie to myself, or rather I can’t push myself beyond my limits, but you always understand that and will do things like liven up the atmosphere. Also, I’m really grateful that you never deny what other people say right away. Rather than saying, “No, but…” you first take it in with a “Yeah, but…” and I really admire that about you. By the way, the other day Tegoshi said, “That’s obstruction of labor” to which Koyama retorted, “No, it's obstruction of work” and then I retorted again “No no it’s obstruction of business.” Please do something about messing up a retort to a mistake like that. (laughs) Well, but I think that’s also another one of Koyama’s good points.

To Masuda-san,

Masuda-san is someone who doesn’t waver. To a certain extent, the things you want to do and the things you like haven’t changed for a long time. It’s true for the type of music you like and your passion towards clothes, I think it’s amazing to always continue to like the same things. Of course while I say that you don’t change, you’re also doing your best on ‘Netapare’ and ‘Soredame!’ and putting in a lot of hard work into various things. Among those, I think that sometimes you also become conflicted, but you should stay just the way you are. Though if I had to say, for instance if someone were to say, “You’re methodical” I’d like it if you just accepted it rather than deny it by saying, “No, I’m not…” (laughs) I understand how you feel because people often say things to me like, “Since you’re a writer, X right?” But sometimes you have to try and understand someone by labeling them. That might just be part of your awkwardness, but I think it’d be good if you handled it better. (laughs)

To Tegoshi-san,

The first time we met, you were like a younger brother. But now it feels like you're a fellow comrade fighting on the front-line. Especially recently when the two of us were practicing singing together, you might be the one with who it feels the most like we’re working hard together.  We’re the same age and we’re both single children, so there are things about us that are similar, and I can understand well how you feel. You actually can be a bit awkward. You’re not someone who talks about the hard work you do, so when I hear about it later I often think, “So that’s what he was thinking.” On that front, I think you say what you really feel quite a bit when you talk on TV, so I do my best to watch your work to know what you're thinking. Speaking of Tegoshi’s comments, the one I couldn’t believe the most was when you were late coming to work and said, “What are we waiting for?” (laughs) I thought, “We’re waiting for you!” Maybe you didn’t realize that you were late? (laughs)

To the me from 15 years ago,

I think that right now you have a dream, but soon after debut there will be a lot of times that the wind will be taken out of your sails, so all I can say is “Do your best”. (laughs) The happiness from your junior time will disappear, so please be thankful for all the things you've been blessed with. Here on out is all slipping and falling downhill. If I look back on it now, I think it was a really big thing for me to be able to properly experience failure, but while I was in the middle of the maelstrom it felt like a really long winter. After that it will continue to be difficult for a few years so, seriously I can only say, “Do your best.” Anyway, you won’t just experience fair wind in life, so I think it might be best to enjoy the unfavorable wind and do your best. Though I wasn’t able to enjoy that time, so I don’t want to return to it. (laughs)

To the me 15 years from now,

45 year old me, how are things going? For a start, I’ll be happy if you’re in good health. Also, I think that as you get older your position is going to rise, but I hope that you won’t get carried away and stay humble. I also hope that you’re the type of 45 year old that when taking younger people out for food can listen attentively to them. I wonder what’s going on with NEWS. It’s crazy that Tegoshi and I, the youngest members, would be 45. Masuda-san would be 46 and Koyama-san 48… (laughs). But it’d be especially amazing if men that age were to do a concert like ‘NEVERLAND’. We wouldn’t be princes anymore but kings though. (laughs)
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