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2018.04 Potato - NEWS Solo Series: Letters - Koyama

To all the fans,

NEWS fans have created and continue to create a place for me to belong to. Thank you. I’m sure that you’ve worried and cried a lot. Even though supporting an idol shouldn’t make you sad, there are times that I’ve made you feel that way. Because there are people who continue to follow us despite that, the four of us are able to be here. You all are our pride. Even though I treasure you all this much, there have been times that I’ve hurt you out of my own immaturity, but from that I’ve realized even more how important you are and feel even more that I want to make you happy. I’m going to do my best so that you'll think that you’re glad that you’re continuing to support NEWS and me, I am confident about that. For the amount that you’ve cried up until now, I want to make you laugh. Please trust and follow me. I will make you happy.

To Shige,

Maybe because we’ve been together since we were juniors, I have such a sense of security with you. By now, we share a common destiny. When I think about why we suit each other so well, it’s probably because of our history of shared joys and sorrows. You were beside me and experienced the same things for both the most painful and the happiest times. In the past, we had a sense of rivalry as well, there was a part of me that couldn’t be honestly happy for you when you got roles in dramas. I showed you the weak and unpleasant parts of me, but despite that you’ve always stayed beside me. I think that now that we’ve surpassed being competitive and become comrades, our relationship is the strongest. Maybe it was shortly after I started working as a newscaster. I was there when you had a discussion with someone from the agency and told them, “I want to write a novel.” I remember well your expression of determination, and I saw your hard work following that. Shige, you’re someone who has grabbed success through toil and hard work. Having someone like that as NEWS’ brain and the skeletal-like existence that supports its foundation is reassuring. I want you to continue to enjoy work. Because I like seeing you smile.

To Massu,

Massu, you’re someone who has a strong world view. At the beginning, there was a time when I felt that it might be difficult to get along with someone who’s so stubborn and has such strong preferences. But that was because I, on the receiving side, didn’t have the flexibility to. I mean, your pickiness wasn’t just in relation to yourself, but also towards the group in how you want to show NEWS off. For people who are so persistent in their preferences, maintaining the harmony in a group can be difficult, but you clear that expertly and funnel it into the group. That common ground is the costumes, and Massu is without a doubt the one visually producing NEWS. That’s something that I can’t do at all, so I’m really thankful. Thank you. By the way, there was a great costume in one of the plays we saw in NYC recently, do you remember me whispering, “I want to wear one like this”? I’m looking forward to the next costumes. (laughs)

To Tegoshi,

There’s so many things I want to say that I can’t keep it all straight. (laughs) You’re really manly. Your sense of camaraderie is really strong, and you lavish those who decide to stick with you with love. You hate to lose because you have a lot of passion, but it’s not just that you yourself want to win, it’s reassuring that you continue to push forward with the desire for NEWS to win, too. With out a doubt, you are the strongest and best front of NEWS. But sometimes you weaken. For all that you normally put up a strong front, you have no immunity for when you lose strength, so I wonder if when you do you end up lost. At those times, it’s okay to rely on me. Happy, fun, painful, sad, or angry, I like that you’re someone with a lot of heart who shows your emotions plainly. With Tegoshi at the head, I think that my role is to do course correction from behind. In this world, it’s hard to stay true to yourself, but the fact that you’re able to put that into practice is truly amazing. So… do it to your heart's content! (laughs) Because if people get angry at you for that, we’ll apologize together.

To the me from 15 years ago,

I think that the 18 year old me wasn’t able to fully grasp how amazing it was to be able to debut. It’s thanks to the people around you that you debuted without much experience as a junior and then was able to continue to do amazing work. You've misunderstood that a little and gotten a bit cocky, so be careful. Because of your youth it might be somewhat inevitable, but I hope that you’ll watch your surroundings and the environment you’ve been placed in carefully with humility and composure, and think about your place in the group. I wonder if you can do it. (laughs) For the group, for yourself, keep struggling! Keep suffering!

To the me 15 years from now,

The 33 year old me is really living true to myself. The balance of the 4 of us in NEWS is really good, and I’m having fun working without pushing myself too hard while looking after that balance. I believe that we we can continue like this forever, but are we? On the technique front, I want to keep improving. NEWS really places great importance in our music, so right now I want to study that more, but I wonder if the me 15 years from now is able sing in his own style in a way that reaches everyone. I hope so.
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