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Chapter 15 - ライオンと花畑 The Lion and the Field of Flowers

The chapter opens with Kouta returning to his university’s campus. He notes all the different kinds of students, and though he didn’t have a ton of friends in school it’s the first time he’s not seen anyone he knows and thinks that it’s as if it’s the first day all over again. He thought he would feel something, but he’s just bored so he decides to have a smoke.

He hears a familiar voice call out to him using the name ‘Mitsuya’, and the use of his host name makes him drop his cigarette in surprise. He doesn't see who called out to him at first, but then he turns around and spots a young man with glasses and a beard. It’s not until the man says ‘Long time no see’ that Kouta realizes that it’s Amu. His hair is loosely curled and he looks like a completely different person.

Looking at him closer, Kouta can see Amu’s unique pureness, same as the last day they met at the yakiniku restaurant. While Kouta is at a loss for words, Amu happily tells him that since Kouta told him that he was taking a year off from job searching he thought that he might find him here. Not knowing where to start, Kouta simply keeps smoking and Amu pulls out a ¥5,000 bill and tells him that he came here to pay him back for the yakiniku and karaoke.

Even though the university is far from Tuberose, Kouta is worried about someone seeing them and goes to look for an empty classroom. They find a large empty one and sit in the back row to talk. Kouta asks Amu if he was the one that took the money, and Amu answers easily that he was. He says that he didn’t take it because he needed it, but because he was told to. Kouta asks him by who, but instead of answering Amu walks down to the front of the classroom and Kouta follows.

Amu asks Kouta if he’s still at Tuberose, and how his sales are and Kouta answers telling him that he ranked number one last month. Though some of that is due to the incident with Shizuku, his skills as a host have greatly improved and he’s become a top level host. Kouta tells Amu that he’s also job searching. He’s picked 40 companies that he didn’t apply to last year and has already started to submit his resume. One of those companies is the game company, AIDA. Submitting his resume to AIDA, the parent company of DDL, was Mitsuko’s idea, saying that he might be able to make use of his failed internship there. Before DDL was founded she used to work there.

Kouta tells Amu that if he hadn’t left, Kouta would have only made it to number 2. When Kouta asks Amu why he took the money, Amu says he’s leaving and heads for the door. Kouta grabs his arm and tells him to talk and Amu says that it’ll be their secret. He takes a marker and draws lions and flowers on the white board. He then begins to tell Kouta a story about a lion king who lived in a field of flowers with a female lion and two cubs. However, the lion king loved women and so had many other lovers on the side. One day, one of the lovers got pregnant so he told her not to keep the child. She wanted to have the baby though so she ran away from him to a place totally different from the flower field, a dim and dirty cave. There she gave birth to her cub and raised him alone. They were poor and the cub was bullied, but he managed to grow up one way or another. One day the cub asked his mother why he doesn’t have a father, and she lied and told him that his father died in a car accident. He believed that until one day he hears that his father is a lion king. After his mother tells him this, she passes away.

Kouta tries to interject, asking who the cub is but Amu cuts him off saying that the story isn’t finished yet. Life was tough for the cub, but he was excited that his father was a lion king and went to go find him. He told the lion king that he was the child of his lover, but the lion king didn’t care, he’d already forgotten about the mother. Though the cub was disappointed he told the lion king that he wanted to be like him, so the lion king told him to work for him and the cub began to work in the flower field.

At this point in the story, Kouta finally understands why Amu’s story is set in a field of flowers, and thinks about how the flowers in the field must resemble tuberoses. Kouta suddenly remembers Amu talking about ‘proof’ the night they ate yakiniku together.

The cub worked as hard as he could to be recognized by the lion king, and made a friend in the flower field. One day, the cub was summoned by the lion king. He thought he was going to be praised, but instead was told about a plan. A plan to get the key from a sempai lion and steal all the money in the safe. Kouta thinks that that’s why Amu knew the combination to the safe. If he had thought about it he could have guessed, and wonders why he hadn’t realized what was going on behind the scenes.

The cub was told that if he returned the money to the lion king and hid away for awhile, the lion king would adopt him. So the cub did as he was told and hid somewhere away from the flower field. Amu pauses talking, and Kouta wonders how he felt with all the employees and Amu himself calling Mizutani ‘papa’.  Amu tells Kouta that the story isn’t over yet, and asks him why the cub lion suddenly went to go see his friend.  Kouta tells him that it was to return money and Amu tells him that he’s wrong.

Amu tells him, ‘He doesn’t eat tofu right?’ and Kouta remembers how when he went to eat with Mizutani he refused the tofu. Amu tells him that it’s said that if you make an offering at Inarikio Shrine and abstain from tofu, your illnesses will be healed, which is why Mizutani doesn’t eat tofu. Kouta thinks that that’s why he ran into Mizutani at Inarikio Shrine over new years. Amu says that he doesn’t know what illness Mizutani has, but that it must be a fatal one. He must not have much longer if Mizutani, who doesn’t trust others, suddenly adopted the child of one of his lovers and split his money. Amu says that Mizutani doesn’t think of him as his son and begins to erase his drawings on the white board.

Amu says that he found out why Mizutani made him carry out that plan, it was to keep Shizuku from leaving. The chime to signal the end of class rings. Amu says that that’s why he told him to get the key from Shizuku, that since Shizuku’s numbers were better he was more important. Amu said that that was fine, if he became number one then he’d become important to Mizutani too, but he doesn’t have that chance anymore. He can’t even go to Kabukicho because he stole the money.

Kouta tells Amu that everyone thinks he’s dead, and Amu asks if it was Mizutani’s command. Kouta nods and Amu laughs tiredly saying that he’s thinking of going far away, maybe overseas. Amu says that he thinks he can make do since he received some money to stay hidden. He says that before that he wanted to see ‘Mitsuya’ one more time, since he’s the only friend he’s ever had.

A student comes into the classroom, but leaves after seeing the two of them in there. They head out into the busy hallway. Kouta says ‘maybe we’ll meet again’ but his words are lost in the crowd of students. When he goes to repeat himself, Amu has disappeared. He reaches into his pocket to touch the ¥5,000 yen note from Amu and pulls it out of his pocket. He catches a whiff of lemon, but when he sniffs the bill itself it doesn’t smell of lemons. He puts the money back in his pocket and starts walking again.

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