February 17th, 2018


Chapter 1 - 二十二歳の秋 The fall of my 22nd year

The chapter starts with the protagonist, Kanehira Kouta, suffering from the after effects of some heavy drinking. Having thrown up in the streets of Shinjuku after eating some cheap gyudon, he receives a message from Megumi asking about a potential job offer. The messages reminds him of how he had been rejected by yet another company. He got the rejection letter after coming home from visiting his mother in the hospital, who became sick after his grandmother passed away.

He reflects on how this company was his last chance, and how his fellow classmates who have all found jobs tell him he is being to prideful in only applying to the best companies. However he refuses to compromise, as the company he picks now he’ll likely work for for many years. As he is wallowing in his despair from his failure in job hunting, a young man spots him from across the street and eventually approaches him.

The man appears to be around the same age as him, looks flashy and speaks in Kansai dialect. He reaches out to Kouta and invites him to go eat. Despite having just been sick, Kouta suggests going to a standing soba restaurant and the man says he knows a place they can go to. The man introduces himself as Shizuku, and Kouta also introduces himself before they head to the restaurant.

As they walk there through Kabuki-cho, many people greet Shizuku. Once they reach the restaurant Kouta realizes he doesn’t have his wallet and without saying a word, Shizuku buys two food tickets. As they’re eating, two men come in and greet Shizuku. They ask who Kouta is and Shizuku explains that he just picked him up and that he’s thinking of having him work at his place. This causes the two men to complain that Kouta is too plain looking and that they’re not short staffed anyway.

Kouta, who had not been participating in the conversation until then, punches one of the men in the face, but before it can turn into a full out fight Shizuku tell them to cut it out, and the men, while unhappy, listen to him. Shizuku then asks Kouta if he was listening and if he’d like to be a host.

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