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2018.03 Potato - NEWS solo series: Letters - Massu

Sharing a translation of the next installment in NEWS' solo series, Letters. This month is Massu's turn.

To all the fans,
Thank you for all your support. There are people who look forward to when we make music.  There are people who put NEWS songs on their music players and listen to our music casually. There are also people who watch us when we appear on TV and magazines. The reason that we’re able to do the jobs we love like this is truly because all of you are there. I’m happy if I can add even just a little bit of happiness or be a positive presence in someone’s everyday life. That’s why from now on too, I’ll continue to always be thankful, work hard everyday, sing good songs, give good performances, and do my best so that every one can enjoy it. Please continue to look after me.

To Koyama,
Somehow or another I remember when Koyama joined when I was a junior. You had the feeling of a ‘Urahara-like older brother’. (laughing) When NEWS was first formed we were told by various people that "NEWS’ MCs are boring". I was also really frustrated [by that], but the person who worked the hardest at that time was Koyama. You thought maybe you might be able to go between the members and manage NEWS’ MC. In that sense, you were the first person to think about what you could do [for the group]. I think it’s really amazing how that connects to not only NEWS now, but furthermore your job as a newscaster. I think it’s one of our greatest strengths to have someone like you in the group. You’re the kind of person who can absorb anything like a sponge. From now on as well, I hope you keep absorbing various things and staying just above the surface. I’m looking forward to it.

To Shige,
Recently, the opportunities to engage in concert production with Shige have been increasing. Since Shige is also someone who creates things, we talk to each other about things like “This is the kind of idea I had, what do you think?” Shige is logical whereas I’m a person who goes according to feeling, so I think the areas of the brain we use are different. But it’s because of that that there’s an interesting chemical reaction, or rather I think that with Shige I can create things for NEWS that I definitely couldn’t make on my own. Also, let me just say this. Shige, please just stop dirtying the dressing room. You always do things like spilling your drink so grandly that I can’t help but think that it was on purpose. I’d like it if you were more cautious about dropping things and being sloppy. Though I don’t think it’ll change. (laughing)

To Tegoshi,
We’ve been together since the time Johnny-san said "It’s better if you and Tegoshi sing together" when we were juniors. After that, when NEWS was formed too Johnny-san said "You two have to take the lead with NEWS’ songs, so do your best." In our generation there wasn’t anyone else who was working so seriously on music, it’s because I was able to meet you that I’m able to work with music the way I am now. Including Tegomass as well, I’d like to continue to make lots of music that only we can make. By the way, recently I’ve been disappointed because your pictures haven’t been very funny. In the past it was funny because they were so bad, but now it’s just plain bad and not funny. You can’t get laughs just like this. Please reflect on that. (laughing)

To the me from 15 years ago,
So when I was in high school… I entered Johnny’s when I was 6th grader in elementary school and I really only thought about work, I’ve lived my life for this job. So, when I advanced to high school, the basis I picked my school on was also for the sake of this job. And then when I was a second year student in high school, I was picked to be a member of NEWS and debuted. If I had prioritized school at that time, for instance if I took a break from work for entrance exams, then my entire life might be different. There’s something I want to tell the me from 15 years ago.  There’s probably a part of you that feels uncertain, but the 31 year old me is really happy, I live feeling like each period is ‘the happiest I’ve ever been’. So, it’s ok to push forward down the path you believed in without worrying.

To the me 15 years from now,
Dear 46 year old Mr. Masuda, how are you? Are you having fun? Do you still like clothes? 31 year old me is well and having fun. My dream right now is that in 15 years I’ll still be working hard at this job. So, please work hard for about 15 more years. (laughing) I hope this dream comes true. From Massu.
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