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Chapter 3 - エントリーシートと白いスニーカー Résumés and White Sneakers

This chapter begins with Kouta sitting in with Shizuku as he talks with a client who works as a psychiatrist. While Shizuku is talking with the client, Kouta refills her glass with champagne whenever Shizuku signals him to. Shizuku is able to skillfully make conversation with the client, comparing a conversation he had with a different client to one she had with one of her own clients.

Mid-conversation, Shizuku stops to remove an eyelash from the client’s cheek which increases the intimacy between the two, but Kouta notes that he couldn’t see the eyelash. The client then asks Kouta, calling him by his pseudonym Mitsuya, if he’s ever had a similar conversation. Kouta manages to say something, though he is unable to follow up on it, but Shizuku saves the conversation from becoming awkward. Kouta looks down at the ground and feels like the light reflecting off of his newly bought white sneakers is making fun of him.


The next section traces back to when Kouta first arrived at the host club. Behind Inarikio Shrine by Higashi-Shinjuku Station is a pink neon sign that reads ‘Tuberose’, the name of the club where Shizuku works. Shizuku had ordered Kouta to come in clothes ‘that aren’t embarrassing’ so Kouta arrives in a suit.

Kouta notes that the club doesn’t look like he expected it to, it looks modern and put together, with white flowers that he identifies at tuberoses adorning the tables. The men working there are all wearing casual clothes like jeans, sweaters, or hoodies and he notes that the man he punched in the soba shop is among them. When he tells them that Shizuku told him to come he is lead further into the club. Shizuku introduces him to an older man, Mizutani, who is the owner of Tuberose.

Shizuku then tells Kouta he’s glad he’s come and that he just has to relax, make fun conversation, and fill Shizuku’s glass when it starts to get empty, and only fill the guests' glasses when they request it. He also tells him that he’ll need a pseudonym as all hosts use them to protect their privacy, he comes up with his for him, Mitsuya (光也) which uses the same first kanji as his real name (光太).

Shizuku tells Kouta that tonight he’ll get to experience what the job is like and it’ll also serve as his first employment exam. If after tonight Shizuku doesn’t think he’ll make a good host then Kouta will never work at Tuberose again. He also tells him that a suit is the ‘most embarrassing’ clothes he could have come in and gives Kouta 100,000 yen and an hour to buy a new outfit for the night. He tells him that this will serve as his résumé, and if he he buys a lame outfit he won’t even get to try out the job for the night and he’ll never see him again.

Kouta runs to buy an outfit and buys white sneakers for 70,000 yen and a sweater a little over 20,000 yen. He changes into them in the bathroom, keeping his suit pants on. Shizuku tells him that he didn’t expect that he’d keep the suit pants, and that he has the same sneakers and that it takes guts to spend so much on shoes with the budget he had, but that he’s passed the first step.

He tells him when they’re at the club he has to use polite language with him because next the owner, he’s the most important person there. Then at 8, the customers arrive.


That night he talks with 10 groups of clients ending work around 3am, though he’s tired and wants to go home Shizuku asks him to stay with him for awhile longer and takes him to baseball batting range despite Kouta’s protests.

Shizuku is really bad and barely hits any balls, but while he’s batting he asks Kouta what he thought of the trial run and Kouta admits that he feels like he isn’t cut out for it.

After the first round of balls is up, Shizuku pays for a second round and Kouta takes his turn. He’s much better than Shizuku and hits one on the first try, explaining that he played for a bit in junior high. Shizuku hands him 100,000 yen telling him it’s his pay for the night, and Kouta only having handled so much money once before in his life- while buying clothes  earlier- tries to protest but is overruled.

While Kouta is trying to calculate how much that would end up being monthly, Shizuku sticks his hand out towards him. Kouta goes to shake it but is rebuffed, and Shizuku tells him that he owes him for the money he leant him to buy clothes earlier, so Kouta hands the money back to him.
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