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Chapter 4 - パーソナリティクライシス Personality Crisis

Shizuku and Kouta stay out at the batting center until the first train of the day. Shizuku had asked that Kouta give him advice on his batting, but is unable to improve at all, which give Kouta a momentary feeling of superiority over Shizuku when he’d been feeling down over how much better Shizuku is at dealing with the clients at the club.

When they leave the batting center, a woman named Misaki, who looks like she also works at a club, is waiting for Shizuku. Shizuku tells Kouta to come again tomorrow before going to meet her, apologizing to her saying that Kouta had insisted that they hang out.

The two leave and Kouta looks up at the sky thinking that if he was asked to come again tomorrow it must mean he passed. As he’s looking up at the sky, he’s suddenly hit in the back of the head and falls to the ground. Three men pull him into a van and continue to beat him up, Kouta sees that one of the men is the man he punched at the soba restaurant and the others also were at Tuberose earlier.

The soba restaurant man tells him that this isn’t revenge but a warning. No matter how much of a liking Shizuku has taken to him, he doesn’t belong here. Shizuku isn’t a guy that Kouta can talk to so casually. They take his license out of his wallet and snap a picture of it with their phones, warning that they know where he lives now so if he says anything about this to Shizuku they’ll send a picture they took of him working at the club to his family. With that they leave him in a deserted alley and drive away. Kouta stays in the alley for a while, noting that his new sneakers are dirty and scuffed.

He finally arrives home around 8 am, when Meme is heading out to school. She asks him if he’s been playing this whole time and he tells her he’s been working. She leaves and Kouta sees that his mother is eating breakfast at the dining room table. His mother asks him where he’s been and he tells her that he’s decided to give up on job searching for now and has a part time job at a restaurant. She then tells him that Meme told her that she wants to go to cram school to study for middle school entrance exams, however both are worried about the cost. If she started next year, for roughly 4 years of cram school it would cost around 2.5 million yen.

They could never afford that, but Kouta does the calculation and if he works as a host he could earn that in a month. Part of him thinks that quitting would be best but part of him thinks he should stay. Kouta notices that his mother is eating Meme’s leftovers for breakfast and how tired she looks. He tells her that they’ll work something out because his new part time job pays pretty well. At first she looks relieved, but is quickly worried again first protesting that restaurant jobs don’t pay that well, then asking if he’s working a dangerous job, but Kouta reassures her and asks her to believe in him.

Kouta falls asleep as soon as he gets in bed, wakes up around 5pm, showers and gets ready to head back to work. As he’s getting ready to leave he sees Meme coming home from school, playing her 3DS while walking and he scolds her not to play while walking. He asks her why she wants to go to cram school all of a sudden, and she answers that when she asked her teacher how to become rich they told her to study and become smart. So she wants to study a lot so she can go to a good middle school with lots of other smart kids and become even smarter. Kouta goes to leave for work and tells Meme that if she needs anything she should call him, or if he doesn’t answer to call Megumi.

As Inarikio Shrine comes into view, the song Personality Crisis by New York Dolls gets stuck in his head. Once he gets to Tuberose, they’re in the middle of a staff meeting and he sees the three men from the previous night though none of the hosts there look particular inviting. When Shizuku sees him he calls him up to the front and introduces him, as well as another new guy, Amu.

After the meeting, Kouta goes to put his things away in the staff locker room, but one of the guys from the night before, the driver, trips him. Kouta brushes it off with a smile which pisses the guy off. Amu and Kouta are summoned by Shizuku right before opening to warn them that they’re not training any more, they have to do this on their own and can’t rely on him.

Amu and Kouta and the other hosts wait in the waiting room to be picked by clients, where there are monitors to see whats going on out front and the other hosts comment on the women who come in. Kouta, feeling overwhelmed, watches the monitors in silence until Amu who is sitting next to him strikes up a conversation. Kouta finds out that Amu was also scouted by Shizuku and feels embarrassed that he assumed that he was the only one Shizuku took a liking too.

Amu is friendly and polite and says they should help each other out. On the monitor Kouta notices that that the psychiatrist client from the night before is back, but Shizuku is busy with a different client. He looks down at his feet, he’d cleaned up his white sneaker before coming to work. Amu is called on to talk with the psychiatrist, and Kouta watches him appear on the monitor.

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