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Chapter 7 - 胎動 Fetal Movement

The next day when Kouta arrives at Tuberose he immediately hears angry yelling, Mizutani, the owner of Tuberose, is screaming at Shizuku about a large sum of money and that he’ll make Shizuku take responsibility. When he’s finished yelling at Shizuku, Shizuku yells at the employees who have gathered and are wondering what happened to call everyone to the shop.

Within an hour all the employees are there, the only ones missing are those who had taken time off for prior appointments or are sick, and Amu. Shizuku tells them that the night before the money in the safe at Tuberose was stolen, and that Amu was recorded on the security cameras. Nobody comments on the fact that Shizuku isn’t speaking with a Kansai accent.

Shizuku tells them that Amu has disappeared, his cellphone contract ended and that Tuberose is closed for the day so that they can go and search for him. One of the men who had been a part of the group that attacked Kouta says that he saw him together with Amu the night before, which Kouta admits to.

Shizuku asks him if he knows anything and he tells him that he seemed to be the same as usual. There are mutterings amongst the other hosts that Kouta must also have been in on the plot. Shizuku dismisses everyone to go look for Amu but tells Kouta to stay behind. He also warns them that they are not to speak of this to anyone, including the police, and if they do they will be fired and worse.

Shizuku, Kouta, and Mizutani go into the staff room, and as soon as Mizutani locks the door Shizuku has Kouta by the collar of his shirt, holding him so tightly he can barely breathe. He asks him if he really doesn’t know anything. Kouta says that he doesn’t, that things were so normal the night before that he still can’t believe that Amu did it.

Shizuku shows Kouta the security camera footage showing Amu stealing the money, and it’s time stamped at 1:20 am, 2 hours after he and Kouta said goodbye. Shizuku tells Kouta to share anything even the tiniest thing that was odd about the other night, and Kouta tells them about the phone call Amu got and how he said he had to go somewhere.

Mizutani notes that it sounds like Amu had an accomplice, and Shizuku becomes worried that Mizutani suspects him. Mizutani questions Shizuku as to how Amu had gotten the key. Shizuku tells him that the other day after closing Amu had said that he’d forgotten something at the club and so Shizuku gave him the key telling him just to bring it back next time. This angers Mizutani and Shizuku bows down on the floor to apologize.

Kouta looks away, but out of the corner of his eye he can see Mizutani place his foot on Shizuku's shoulder pressing down. He tells Shizuku that he’ll be making up for the missing money, and that the thing they discussed will have to wait til after that. Kouta guesses that he’s referring to what Misaki told him about.

Mizutani dismisses Shizuku, and Kouta is left alone with him in the staff room. Kouta isn’t sure what he should do, but then Mizutani asks him his name and when he tells him Mitsuya he says he wants to know his real name. Kouta tells him and Mizutani tells him to call him papa. He asks him if he helped Amu, and Kouta panics knowing that if he talks too much it’ll look suspicious, but before he can say anything Mizutani tells him that he’s joking. He knows that both Kouta and Shizuku weren’t in on it.

Mizutani asks Kouta if he thinks that they’ll find Amu, and he says that he doesn’t. Mizutani tells him that he agrees, but that they must find him. He makes a very brief call to someone, telling them to search for the money. He then pulls out a wad of cash and hands it to Kouta, telling him that it’s hush money, he’s not to tell anyone what is about to happen. As he’s making Kouta take it, he whispers in his ear to do his best, speaking a kind but crazy sounding voice.

Mizutani then tells Kouta to go call Shizuku back. He tells them that what he’s about to say is a secret between the 3 of them, the next day they’re going to make it seem like they found Amu, retrieved the money, and that Amu is dead. He tells Shizuku that he’s going to have to work even harder than before, and make those under him work harder too. He tells Kouta that he has to work hard to make money for his family.

Kouta realizes that Mizutani knows things about him, things he only told Shizuku and Amu. Since he only told Amu right before he went missing, he guesses that Shizuku told him. At the end, with a slight smile Mizutani whispers that it’s possible that Amu actually is dead.

The next day Mizutani tells the rest of the employees, which puts a fear in them to work harder than usual. After work is over for the day, Kouta is called to the same bar as before by Misaki and she presses him to tell her why Tuberose was closed the day before. He warns her not to tell anyone, because it could get him killed, and tells her.

Kouta tells her that it’ll probably be hard for Shizuku to quit anytime soon and Misaki says that she’ll have to figure something out. She tells him she went to the hospital earlier that day and shows him a picture on her phone of her ultrasound. Hearing Misaki talk about coming up with a plan makes Kouta believe that Shizuku’s leadership skills must have been influenced by Misaki.

She tells him that when she passed by Tuberose the other day, there was a woman who had tried to go to the club and ask for Mitsuya and who had clearly never been to there before. Before the woman could leave, Misaki called out to her and they ended up going drinking together. Misaki hands Kouta the woman’s business card on which she had written various notes for Kouta to use in conversation with her.

When he looks at the card, he notices that on there is the company name ‘DDL’. He gets the feeling that he saw the fetus in the ultrasound photo on Misaki’s phone twitch.

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