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Chapter 8 - シェパード誕生 The Birth of a Shepherd

It’s the middle of December and already the city is overflowing with Christmas spirit. This period is also especially busy for the hosts at Tuberose. With the high volume of clients, popular hosts are so busy that many customers choose to try a new host and so even the less popular hosts are happy that they’ll be making more money. While Kouta has had many clients ask for him, none of them have asked for him again a second time, so he’s especially invested in making a regular client out of the woman that Misaki told him about.

On the DDL business card that Misaki gave him she had written ’40 years old, born April 12th, Aries (The Ram), Blood type A, from Mishima, Shizuoka, Hobby is reading and bowling, likes men that are faithful, kind and perseverant’

While Kouta knows that it’s not her fault that he didn’t get hired at DDL just because she works there, he can’t help but feel resentment and hatred for all DDL employees. He tries to put his feelings aside so that they don’t interfere with his ability to do his job well, thinking that if he does well can get her to spend a lot of money it would be a sort of revenge on DDL.

Finally Mitsuko and Misaki arrive at Tuberose and seeing her Kouta realizes that she was one of the interviewers from his final interview with DDL.  He tries to make pleasant conversation with her, but she seems to be in a bad mood and doesn’t engage with him much. He asks her name, and then how to write it and she tells him, 美津子.

He tries to emulate Amu’s way of speaking and tells her about the origin of the kanji 羊. It means sheep and he tells her that it’s a hierograph that’s supposed to resemble a sheep when you look at it head on. He asks her if she knows what kanji is supposed to resemble a sheep when you look at it from above. She doesn’t answer and he tells her it’s the kanji 美 which means beauty and reads as ‘Mi’ in the first part of her name. He tells her that of course she’s more of a beauty than a sheep.

She doesn’t react much to this, and Misaki who had been talking to a different host next to them, asks her if she’d like to change hosts. Kouta notes that while it’s important for him to keep her talking with him, for Misaki it doesn’t matter as long as Mitsuko spends her money at the club. However, Mitsuko declines saying she’s fine with Kouta.

For the remaining time she doesn’t open up any further, and when Kouta asks if she’d like to extend the time she declines. The rest of his work day doesn’t go much better, and once he’s finished with work Misaki calls him blaming him and when he asks why Mitsuko picked him Misaki tells him it’s because she saw his picture on Tuberose’s website and she liked his face.

The picture on the website has been highly edited so it no longer looks much like him, which he thought was a good thing since he doesn’t want people he knows to find out he’s working here, but he hadn’t considered the drawbacks. Misaki tells Kouta that when she asked Mitsuko what was wrong that she claimed she wasn’t feeling well, but that she knows that he must have messed up. in his anger Kouta accuses her of being emotionally unstable due to her pregnancy, and Misaki hangs up on him.

Kouta goes to the batting center to try and relieve some stress and sees Shizuku there. However, Shizuku ignores him as he has been doing since the Amu incident. Kouta attributes everything that went wrong that night as Mitsuko’s fault and his hatred of her increases.

Unexpectedly, the next day Mitsuko comes back to Tuberose and asks for Kouta again. While he’s mixing her a drink she suddenly apologizes. Kouta who has had time to calm down since the night before tells her not to worry about yesterday. She tells him that that’s not it and reveals that she also remembers him from their interview.

She asks if the reason he’s working at a host club is because he didn’t get any job offers and he confirms that to be the case. Kouta pours himself a drink too, sipping on it in an attempt to stay calm. She apologizes again and says that it was her that decided not to hire him. The other interviewers had wanted to hire him, but she had insisted that they not. She didn’t have any particular reason except that she couldn’t picture working with him. Since he answered their questions well during the interview she thought that he’d definitely get job offers else where.

She says that she came across his picture by chance while looking through host related materials for a friend in publishing. She was surprised because he didn’t seem like the type to work at a host club, and wondered if he ended up here because of her. Kouta has trouble reining in his emotions and tells her that it’s true, it’s her fault that he’s here and that he has to work to support his sick mother and younger sister.

She apologizes again and Kouta asks her if she wants to be forgiven and she says that she does. He tells her that she has to listen to what he says no matter what. She says that she’ll do whatever she can.

He tells her that she has to come to the club whenever possible and she agrees. He then tells her to bahh like a sheep. Her face turns red, but she does so quietly. He makes her do it again, each time she does helps him calm down. He’ll become a shepherd, which makes him feel like he can some how do this job.

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