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Chapter 9 - M

Megumi and Kouta are eating at an upscale restaurant, usually it’s hard to get a reservation there but because there were canceled reservations due to snow Kouta was able to get a spot. Megumi is impressed with the restaurant but also worried about Kouta spending this much money. He assures her that it’s ok because he’s been making a decent amount at work, since he can’t spend time with her Christmas Eve night or Christmas night with her due to work he wants to make it up to her.

He had the same dish that Megumi orders 4 nights before when he came with Mitsuko. When Megumi asks Kouta how he found the restaurant he tells her that the president at his part time job took him. When she asks about his job he tells her that it’s a members only restaurant that he was scouted for.

Megumi tells him that she can’t really believe that the same person who got angry at her for ordering an expensive steak at the family restaurant is now eating a sirloin steak at a nice french restaurant. Kouta apologizes and tells her that she was right, he was being to pessimistic at the time. Kouta wonders at how much a little bit of economic flexibility can change a person, though he’s not making enough to rid of all his problems. ¥1,000,000 from Mizutani and his salary at work have helped.

Megumi tells him he doesn’t have to apologize and continues to enjoy her meal. Kouta thinks back to when he came with Mitsuko. Just as she promised, in the past two weeks she’s been to Tuberose 9 times, asking for Kouta and ordering several bottles of champagne each time.

At those times rather than talking about herself she would ask about Kouta, but since it’s an unwritten rule at the club to not give out too much information about yourself, Kouta evaded revealing any true thing about himself. When Mitsuko asks him how she can get him to tell the truth he tells her to spend more money.

The next day she had invited him to escort her. When a host is invited out to escort someone, they immediately get ¥5,000 from the club and since it happens earlier in the night once they come back to the club they can still get requests from other clients. It’s a very fortunate situation for a host.

The place he had escorted Mitsuko to was this restaurant. She had been especially nicely dressed that day, and wore a gold necklace that had the initial ‘M’ on it. However, no matter how nicely she dressed Kouta didn’t find her beautiful and focused himself on customer service.

He decides to try the same charms on Megumi and though it’s awkward at first he gets better and Megumi comments on how he’s like a different person. After dinner he takes her to a nice hotel that he reserved and while she showers he goes out to buy drinks and snacks for the room. Drinking the beer he always drinks in their hotel room brings him back to reality a bit and Megumi comments that while champagne is nice the beer is also good, saying exactly what Kouta had been thinking.

Kouta gives her a Christmas gift, the same necklace that he saw Mitsuko wearing when they went to the French restaurant. Though he had thought that the company did initial necklaces, the ‘M’ was really from the brand name, it was just luck that both Mitsuko and Megumi’s names start with M. Megumi is happy with the present and says how she thought Kouta wouldn’t ever do something like this.

Kouta thinks about how in the past he’d be too shy to do something like this, but working as a host has removed any of his embarrassment in pleasing women. His desire to please Megumi wasn’t just due to thankfulness and love, but also due to guilt that he’s hiding the fact that he’s a host.

They have sex and afterwards Megumi confesses that she needs to tell him something about Meme. She asks him not to get mad and tells him that it was her that put the idea of studying harder into Meme’s head. Meme had asked her what she can do to become rich and she told her she needs to study hard because she felt that Meme spent too much time playing video games.

Meme had said that with video games she has a clear goal she can aim to achieve, but since she doesn’t at school it’s hard for her. Megumi had suggested that she aim to get into a really good middle school and make that her goal. She apologized if what she said has been causing Kouta trouble. Kouta is too tired to process that and tells her not to worry about it.

The next day they go out and buy Christmas gifts for Kouta’s mother and Meme. Kouta buys Meme a popular video game nicknamed ‘Jera Jera’ by AIDA, and Megumi buys her stickers and toys of a popular side character from the game, a white armadillo named Majirou.

When they get home they give them the gifts and Kouta’s mother is really happy with the gifts but Meme seems unsatisfied. She says that she quit video games to focus on her studies and just takes the Majiro gifts from Megumi, but an hour later comes back for the game saying that she’ll just play it for today because it’s a waste not to.

Megumi starts to make Christmas dinner with their mother and Kouta heads to Tuberose. While the other shops in the area have had Christmas decorations up for about a week, Tuberose only does it for two nights in order to increase customer turn out for those days.

As expected the club is busy and even Shizuku who has been down lately is enjoying himself. After Mitsuko became a regular client of his, other clients began requesting him too. Mitsuko comes that night too, but several other clients request him as well so he can’t spend much time with her and before he can return to where Mitsuko was sitting she had already left. After closing, he goes to a show pub with a client who had requested him and a kohai until 4am.

As he’s heading to the station he receives a text from Mitsuko asking if he’ll meet her now. In the aftermath of all the revelry he feels an emptiness.

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